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December 23, 2006

version management will be an issue. be careful to either

  1. maintain and edit your poems in WordPress itself in which case printing might require cutting and pasting into Claris.
  2. cut and past from Claris/Appleworks into WordPress editing window. (It’s not clear if apple line endings and special characters will insert correctly. probly, but …) Updating the poem’s blog post must be remembered and performed scrupulously.

I think using Posts instead of pages makes the most sense because you get to show and organize your posts by date. the alternative is to write Pages. try that too, their titles should appear listed on the side.

remember you can write something and save it, in which case it will be a draft and not appear to the public. click Publish to save and put it out there for all to read.

A blog client, so called, might be an interesting solution to the version coordination problem: an online word processor such as Google Docs,, lets you write, maintain your documents, tracks changes from one version to the next, print (thru the web browser’s print control), and finally, tada, send your document to WordPress. Sounds like Tagalog, I know. Some other blog editors that run on Mac are: