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La Fumee d’Amber Gris

August 11, 2011


toward her downcast face in reverie
dawn fog white
smoke unfurls upward
sea foam white
gathered beneath an ample shawl
quartz stone white
tented above receiving arms
fresh cream white
stretched between her fingertips
moonbeam white
caressing memories
bleached bone white
the canvas
cadmium white
her deep sleeved garment
dove down white
the column behind her
marble white
the veil into which is concealed
the red passion of her lower lip
raw pearl white
the incense that perfumes
her clothes pervades her recollection
thin shroud white
from silver censer highlights gleam
titanium white
her loss a blankness
moth wing white
the wall facing the foot of the bed
old paint white
the space this painting hung
slant shadow white
framed between two windows
sun bleached white
the room burdened with intention
purest white
where viewer melds with subject
silk web white
summer haze white
into winter squall white
then cracked ice white
and back again white
cycle of foreboding white
the penetration of scent white
the permanence of longing white
white requiem sung in rising smoke
full blazing blinding hot cold yearning white

(from the painting by John Singer Sargent)


The B Side

August 11, 2011

She doesn’t claim
the airwaves
no viral refrain

infects your brain
but restlessness flips
the rock over

curiosity seeks
the shy creature
persistence woos

eye contact
her melody
has no obvious hook

but soon you’re
snagged in the undercurrent
tangled in

her hair
a private siren tune

thumping bass
in the grooves