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Riddle Of A Humming Sphinx

August 9, 2014


Bee balm buzz-bombed —
but not bumbles — these
nor were they honeys

My Honey pointed — a hummingbird
The familiar arching permanship
of cursive loops on damp blue heat

Wan green upper torso
swing-hovering — side-slipping
swoop   dart   pause   sip

Then I saw six legs —
fine-toothed comb antennae
improbable proboscis-beak unfurled

Fantailed shrimp-shaped
abdominal segments
banded claret and black

Nanosecond shimmer
of fairy wing — pellucid
veined in carmine

Flamenco ruffled tail-fringed trail
stitched freeze-frame moments
among monarda crowns

Bedazzled by trompe l’oeil
of evolutionary convergence —
A Hummingbird Clearwing Moth!

Holding hands we companioned on
unsuspecting — always eager
to share the next cosmic puzzle