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May 27, 2016


“A circle is a circle
until you add toppings
then it is a pizza

A rectangle is a rectangle
until you add exhaust
then is is a rocket

A triangle is a triangle
until you add 5 triangles
then it is a pyramid” *

A hexagon is a hexagon
until you add a hive mind
then it is honeycomb

An octagon is an octagon
until you add a four way intersection
then it is a showdown

a parallelogram is a parallelogram
until you add pistachios and bittersweet chocolate
then it is a biscotto

A square is a square
until you add the taiko rhythm of crane flight
then it is origami

A trapezium is a trapezium
until you add an acrobatium
then is cirque de carpal tunnel

A rhombus is a rhombus
until you add a steel square
then it is Ikea shelving

A pentagon is a pentagon
until you add a congressional budget
then it is an armed conflict

A diamond is a diamond
until you add pistachios and honey
then it is baclava

An oval is an oval
until you add the massage of a million tides
then it is a skipping stone

A tesseract is a tesseract
until you add pistachios and thought
then it is the multiverse


*by Ian Born Mathewson
the remainder by Gemma Mathewson